Parting Bandwidth

My brother’s moving out soonish and will migrate from my fat fiber pipe to “borrowing”  his neighbor’s DSL connection through flaws in WEP encryption.  He’s been torrenting like crazy so my daily ritual has been: come home, feed animals, turn on computer, play TF2, die because I have a ping of 300, turn off brother’s pr()n downloads, die because I suck despite having a ping of 47.  I decided to peek at what I was turning off.  Was it Dirty Nurses 17 or San Fernando Jones and the Temple of Poon? No.  Adobe Creative Suite 4? No.  Victory at Sea for my dad?  No.  It was the special features from the Thundercats DVD.  Really?  He’s officially gone from  “I should be safe and download all the optional updates for Windows XP” to “I must save Internet so man may have it after Ragnarok”.

If he starts downloading either back seasons of Doctor Who or Norton Internet Security 2007, I think I could get a Cease and Desist order for him abusing the Internet when coupled with his unabashed usage of Opera.