Rock Ransom

I walked by the R&D Lab and saw someone standing in the lab without wearing goggles and ducked in to correct them.

It was a coworker who’d should have known better, but more damning than failing to wear goggles in an empty R&D lab was that he was rocking out to Super Tramp, head bobbing, singing a long and staring out the window longingly to “Take the Long Way Home”.  His taste wouldn’t have been a problem, if he weren’t otherwise a rock snob, chiding me for not properly identifying Klaatu’s “Attention Occupants of Interplanetary Craft” whom I thought was Paul McCartney many moons ago.

He turned his head around to the door closing, and stopped singing when he saw my grin.
Him: How much did you see?
Me: Enough, an incident like could ruin a man’s reputation.
Him: Name your terms.
Me: For now, nothing.  Next time I won’t be so generous.