Camera Shipping Speed – Charging for Impatience

I received my tax refund/payback of interest-free loan to the government direct deposited this morning and within seconds hit “Checkout” on the Amazon shopping cart that held my new camera and lenses.  I chose “free shipping” and “box so my items get here faster” as even individually each item qualified for free shipping.

I checked the order page and saw that I could upgrade the shipping and for a mere $30, did so and sat satisfied knowing I’d get the camera in time for…nothing.  So I changed it back to FREE! and smiled knowing that by just waiting a few more days, I’d have enough extra money for a day of ribs.  But maybe I could split the difference with two day for a mere $10 and still have it in time for…. nothing.  Switched to two-day and then thought of that shipping as the equivalent of a lunch as a discount Chinese food buffet and after some more waffling I changed it back to FREE! and smirked at my bout of financial weakness.

The items shipped and I started compulsively tracking the packages and noticed something, the boxes with the lenses and the boxes with the camera were diverging.  During my waffling, the box with the lenses shipped as 2nd day air while the camera itself didn’t ship until after I went back to FREE! ground shipping.  Looks like I’m going to have a tea party with my lenses on my birthday as that’s about all I’ll be able do.