Birthday Doctor Visit

I enjoy waiting rooms far too much.  Everyone sits around acting like they shouldn’t be in a doctor’s office but failing to realize that applies to everyone else as well.  The woman to my left sat fidgeting the whole time until someone she knew arrived.   The first woman simply referred to her condition as a “feminine condition” and said it in a really low voice, to which the second woman responded “doctors do that now?”.

After sitting around for 20 minutes the nurses started calling in the backlog of patients two at a time taking them as they made it to the door except in one case where a knuckle-dragging trollwoman yelled “make way, I’m gimpy” before hobbling in front of the other person.

I ended my visit with dicussing my weight with my doctor:
Doctor: So, how’s your exercise going?
Me: Fine, I suppose, I had to suspend my walking regiment when I messed up my back.
Doctor: Have you lost any weight since your last visit?
Me: …. I don’t know.  The nurse didn’t weigh me when I can in.
Doctor: *Incredulously* Well, do you feel lighter?

What kind of question is that?  They have 10 exam rooms each equiped with a balance and he asks me if I feel lighter? Gha…