The Tesla of Our Times

I’ve been running Engineering merit badge over the past few months for a troop and one requirement is to document power usage in your home for 10 devices, documenting its wattage and estimated monthly usage.  Below is listed one Scout’s device/wattage draw info.

Dryer – 100 watts
Nintendo Wii – 700 watts
Oven – 800 watts
Washing Machine – 4,000 watts
Lightbulb – 10,000 watts

Hm… My guess is that his dryer consists of a table fan and a CFL, his Wii is diesel powered, his washing machine is a jet turbine and he lives either in a lighthouse or at the top of the Luxor.  In any case, I’d love to see his woodchipper/blender and the Farraday cage he sleeps in so his fillings aren’t pulled out by the transformer for his 15,000 watt phone.