Tom Foulds' Wedding

Tom Foulds, a friend of mine from many moons ago, got married on Saturday and the wedding was spectacular… all 15 minutes of that.  Mind you, I’m not complaining.  It was beautiful, the speaking selections were well chosen, and when the JoP said “selfish love” instead of “self-less love” everyone laughed politely.  I do feel obliged to send Rutgers a donation to the 130 year old Kirkpatrick Chapel was not designed for large men with steeltoed shoes navigating the pews.  I may have left my mark…

The reception was interesting, notes:

  • One guy looked like Ron Paul’s stunt double
  • The ice sculpture was illuminated with a heat lamp
  • The band committed the cardinal sin of singing Van Morrison such that you could make out the words and singing Billy Joel such that you couldn’t.
  • The five mildly inebriated bridesmaids dancing to a random Latin song looked like a scene from Fantasia (observation courtesy of Leon Duminiak)
  • There was a wad of raspberry chewing tobacco the size of a man’s fist in the sink of the ground floor bathroom
  • The opening band numbers were awesome with one guy playing a clarinet, soprano sax and what looked like a sacbut, and then he switched to some electronic instrument that sounded like the woodwind equivalent to a Casio MusiMagic keyboard.

Joe and I took some pretty pictures of the reception place:

[flickr album=72157617887085697 num=30 size=Thumbnail]