Star Trek Notes/Red Robin Encounter

JJ Abrams Star Trek was a 12.  Easily blowing away First Contact and Undiscovered Country as my favorite.  Some notes:

  • When Chekov Harold Zulu Sulu raises his hand to indicate his skill in hand-to-hand combat he should have shouted “pick me, I’m Asian!”
  • Spock has cauliflower ear, he didn’t previously.  Probably got it kickin’ ass and taking apostrophed names on Vulcan.
  • JJ Abrams either bought a lens flare plugin for FinalCut Pro or bought them in bulk from Costco
  • The navigational deflectors didn’t deflect the debris around Vulcan

In other news I found that the guy I slyly called a jerk at the Neshaminy Red Robins remembers me from January.  Time to grow a beard and wear sunglasses or start going to the red Robins in Oxford Valley.  I’m kinda impressed/scared he remembered an offhanded comment made to a server via napkin from four months ago.