Browser Explosion

My company requires IE6 on its computers and bars upgrading. One can install another browser as long as you import the network settings and I’ve used both Firefox and Chrome without incident since September. Today, I had a conversation with my boss about it.

Boss: So, the people that do the web app we use for doc management has recommended I try “The Firefox”. What is it?
Me: It’s a web browser, like Internet Explorer but without the suck.
Boss: I thought IE was the only browser after the loss of Netscape Navigator. Is it expensive?
Me: It’s free, and has a plugin architecture that’s quite keen.
Boss: I don’t know. I’ve always been skeptical of anyone who’d give their software away.

Anyway, he gave it a try and is now going through some sort of browser experimentation phase. I think I saw him run Firefox, IE, Safari and Konquerer simultaneously. I was worried at first that he’d gone overboard but he’s a sharp fellow. Although I may have to intervene if I see him using Flock, Opera or Ice Weasel.