A Call For Support

I returned on Monday  a bit harried after driving 14 hours and I ran into one of my baking fans.

Coworker: Terry, why you in so late?  Where the cake?
Me: Well, I got in from a 14-hour drive from Chicago this morning.  The turnpike was really rough and I just had to sleep.   Also, my oven’s still broke.
Coworker: That terrible.
Me: The drive wasn’t that bad.
Coworker: No, your oven.  How we get cake?  What’s wrong with the oven?
Me: It might be the coil or the whole oven, I haven’t checked yet.
Coworker: Your oven too important to us.  I see if I can start a collection.  If not, I get purchase  order.  This too important to wait on.
Me: Thank you, I guess.
Coworker: No worry, I manager.  It what I do.

Hm… Vital piece of test apparatus breaks and I have to wait 20 days to send it out for repairs.  My personal oven breaks cutting off the confectionary supply lines and the full force of my division is brought to bear.  It’s good that we have priorities.