David Hume: Customer Service Agent

I ordered a few pieces of glassware for a project I’m working on.  Most of the 24/40 pieces arrived except for the West Condenser, so I sent the firm an email and received the following:

Sir, thank you for promptly notifying us of the problem with your order.  Due to a recent string of faked shipping errors we require verification before sending out a replacement.  Please take a picture of the piece you did not receive and we will gladly provide a replacement.

Wow… How do I respond to that?  “Show us what you didn’t get”.   Maybe this is like a stupid criminal candid camera moment where people send in pictures and they reply with “gotcha, biotch!”  So the best I was able to do was send them a picture of the blank spot in the distillation kit.   I hope that works, barring that, I’ll send them the works of Charles Sanders Pierce.