Humanizing the Gun Zone

On my way to Teejay’s after helping do buddy tags at camp, I received a call from the spouse of an august camp staffer.

Her: I’m trying to get in contact with <staffer name> and I couldn’t find the right number.
Me: This is the personal number for me.  You realize that?
Her: Yes, you’re marked for emergencies.
Me: Oh… Well, what do you need?
Her: I need to get in contact with my husband.  He left something here that he shouldn’t.
Me: (Knowing her husband has a chronic medical condition), if it’s a real emergency I can drop it off, what is it?
Her: Oh, dear no.  He just forgot clean undewear.

As the shooting sports director he should be able to rustle up something.   Although, I thought that forgetting underwear ended at the age of about 12.  Looks like there’s simply a “golden half-century of underwear recall” between 12 and 62.   Only 37 years left, myself.