Supercomputer with Spinners

I was confounded by a big problem in building the supercomputer: getting a case.  I need something that’ll accomodate two mobos which requires a very big case.  The only ones I could find were these giant gaudy cases from the 90s with clear sides that’ll make the UV coolant even more obvious.  This is going to go in a lab so I tried to find something as toned down as possible.

Project Coordinator: That’s a pretty boring case.
Me: Isn’t that good it’s going to be in a lab.
Project Coordinator: If we’re going to spend x for a computer, we should get something that looks good.  How about something a little more… imposing.
Me: Imposing?
Project Coordinator: Yes, something with presence.
Me: Presence?
Project Coordinator:  Yeah, find something with a more striking case and maybe a sleek appearance.  Something nice.

Great… I wanted to build a Mercedes C Class he chose an Escalade.  I got the Escalade now he wants phat spinnin’ rims.  Maybe I can talk to the guys in rapid prototyping but I doubt AutoCAD or SolidWorks has a well developed bling plugin or a “pimp my parametrically defined subassembly” option.  One can hope.