Learned Helplessness

The Medical division has had a somewhat cushy existence seemingly in the employ of turning down others’ ideas under the justification of “risk avoidance” .  That padded life has recently come to an end with they lacking the simple skills to operate in an office environment.  I printed something and walked to the printer to find it out of paper.  I checked the drawer marked “paper” and seeing none walked to the central paper storage closet 150 feet away, grabbed four reams, and returned.  Upon filling the paper trays the first of the 29 jobs in queue started with a print time of four hours ago.  The whirring stirred life from the department as I heard someone blurt out “oh good, the help desk people finally sent out someone to add paper.”  Not even our VPs have someone reload the paper for them.

Not knowing how to change toner I can understand.  Failing said task can result in an inadvertent black face performance but not loading your own paper?  I think I may start making my own artisan paper to stay a step of self-empowerment above them should they learn to harness their opposable thumbs for something besides giving people the thumbs down.