Funeral in Shorts

I avoided the failings of my last Scout funeral and had a slate of prepared statements of condolences for the family of Steve McCreary of which “the world was a better place for having had him” is my favorite as it avoids the saccharine and sacred.   As stated in the title, it was odd to go to a funeral in shorts but the family requested Scouts be in uniform and the event was otherwise fine.  During the funerary gauntlet (where mourners speak to the family, I don’t know if there’s an actual term) one woman kept falling back moving 15 people back in line every 5 minutes or so and didn’t really move until the line started moving.

After the event, I drove to work and arrived realizing I was in full field uniform and needed to enter work.  I have no qualms with wearing my Scout uniform in public but I’m sure I’d get odd looks from the receptionist for the rest of time and that I would not stand.  I parked behind the now empty building across the street that formerly housed tech support and a few other things and began changing thinking it a safe place as shown here.  While changing, two helicopters, and a small plane passed over and some how while changing into my pants a lost person did a loop in the back parking lot to turn around.  Private indeed.