Photo Coupon Recursion

I returned to CVS to pick up my passport photos and in the meantime I’d found a 2 dollar off coupon on my phone while in line.  I hit the register and I informed the clerk I had a coupon and presented the barcode that was clearly visible on my phone screen to which he responded quizzically.  He summoned his 20-something manager with spiked bleach-blonde hair and a sweet tribal tat on his arm who told him “scan it”.  It scanned and the manager did his little “damn it worked” dance and then looked me in the eye saying

Him: We can’t take it, all our coupons have to be submitted to the manufacturer.  We can’t submit your screen.
Me: But it’s a service coupon.  The manufacturer is CVS, so you.
Him: We need a physical coupon.

I thought for a second and came up with a plan; I’d take a screen cap of the coupon, email the screen cap from my phone to the CVS automatic printing processor, wait a few minutes, collect my print, pay for it, and get a hard copy of the coupon on beautiful photopaper to save me $2.00 on my passport photos. Hazaa!

iPhone: $299, CVS express remote printing service: $1.70, delaying the whole line to save 30 cents through an egregious application of technology: priceless.