Blu-Rage Vol. II

Contains cursing.  A lot.

I wanted to give blu-ray another try after rage-quitting Netflix to see the 900 extra scenes or what have you that were part of the Watchmen Director’s Cut.  Considering the hype, I was expected Zack Snyder to not only guide me through the infinite intricacies of the deleted scenes but to also give me an hand job which I think was added in Blu-Ray 1.2.  Anyway, I tried a few pieces of software and found one I liked that was reasonably priced and purchased a physical copy of it which was $50 cheaper than the digital download.  Maybe that was my first indication that the software was designed by Faulknerian Idiot Man-Children.

I removed the demo and installed the software and immediately got an error message: “0 Days of demo remaining”.  Really?  I understand you ignore the customer’s wishes when he or she clicks “uninstall” and your shitty software leaves turd smears on the rug so when I try to reinstall the demo I can’t because you’re so fucking smart.  But to create a retail release that isn’t even smart enough to know I upgraded from the demo and assume I’m trying to steal your tard-ware?  So, I removed everything, rebooted, ran CCleaner, and still got the same “we assume this copy is stolen as no one actually pays for Blu-ray software so we’re going to gimp your install, fucker” message I received previously.

So, I went through the registry and literally removed every registry key that contained the word “Corel”.  It worked but proved a Pyrrhic victory as I found that not only did every mention of Corel go away, but every mention to something that contained Corel went away… So, every CoreLocation key which tells Windows where the program is broke.  Great.  But at least I can watch the blooper where get to see the side of Silk Spectre’s boobie!

Wanna use legit blu-ray software after using the demo (which is the entire fucking point of the demo)?  All you have to do is nerf your registry to make sure that the secret juju that “protects” their software is gone.  Go Corel!