Crazy Post Office Guy

I went to mail the TI giveaway stuff and encountered an old Indian fellow manning the counter at my local post office, he has far more fun doing his job than he should have:

  • Incident #1:
    Woman: I’d like to ship this perfume overnight.
    Him: I’m sorry, we don’t ship liquids.
    Woman: It’s important.  May I talk to your manager?
    Him: My manager is not here but I’ll tell you what you can do.  Go back in line and try to talk to the lady next to me at the counter.  She has different rules.
    Woman: Really?
    Him: No.  She won’t be able to break rules to ship it, but I was hoping you’d try anyway.
  • Incident #2:
    Him:  Two questions, how would you like to ship these twelve boxes and which one has the bomb in it?
    Fellow: There aren’t any bombs in these.
    Him: Whew… I just thought with so many packages going to DC in identical boxes you were trying to throw off a bomb detect.
    Fellow: Um… no.
    Him: When you do decide to ship the bomb, please use UPS.
  • Incident #3 (Me):
    Him: I see you’re shipping this internationally.  What does it contain?
    Me: Stickers.
    Him: Oooh… What kind?
    Me: Kids stickers.  They have bunnies on them.
    Him: The things kids will do for drugs these days.  Ok.  That’ll be 93 cents.