RAM Reject

Our work computers run up against a performance barrier when running newer versions of our CAD setup so I figured I’d bring in some RAM as a temporary measure.  I popped in the RAM and restarted and the computer ignored the new RAM.  I popped out previous RAM, sawing through layers of dust that saw George Bush re-elected and felt my adrenal glands swell to the size of golfballs as the the “OHNOES!” light went on after switching the DIMMs.  I popped the RAM out, returned the original stuff and the OHNOES!” light still stared at me.  I unplugged the computer, plugged it back in again and the light was still there.  I blew out some dust and the light remained.

Knowing I’d be decapitated if I just admitted failure, I did the only think I could do: I poked the light.  I cycled power again and the “OHNOES!” light was replace with the “OHAI!” light.  There was much rejoicing.