Acadia Day 4: Pretty Rocks and Sailing

One of our original plans was to shoot to Canada after our third day, but my “other bag” never made it to the Rav 4 and along with it my passport, so this was the closest we got to Canada.

September 21, 2009-189-Acadia

This grate was outside of where we thought the causeway to Bear Island was located, but due to tide and ignorance, we couldn’t make it.  Instead, I took a pano.

September 21, 2009-101-Arcadia Panos

We gunned for Cadillac Mountain and were knocked over by its short mediocrity.

September 20, 2009-83-Acadia

We may have gone to Cadillac Mountain the day before, but it doesn’t matter much.  We wanted to go sailing that evening and meet up with CJ Raste, aka Ice Dragon and stopped at Sand Beach beforehand.  It was stupidly pretty.  I hope I’m not being an arrogant dick in saying this but I think the following could reasonably be a postcard with a little lightening.

September 21, 2009-256-Acadia

We later scaled the side-trail and found some wonderful views including the following giant stitch-together.

September 21, 2009-102-Arcadia Panos

We met CJ before going onto the Margarette Todd, a historic vessel built in 1999.  Joe took pictures as well with his tiny tiny camera.

September 21, 2009-168-Acadia-2

There was a mediocre musician on board that played several tunes mediocrily but illuminated well.

September 21, 2009-171-Acadia-2

And to prove the power of the Golden Hour, here’s CJ for those who doubt his existence.

September 21, 2009-172-Acadia-2

Most passengers had point-and-shoots with them but one person inspired some camera envy with their L-series 70-200 f/2.8.  For the price of the lens, I could rebuy my camera, three best lenses, and pay for most of the Acadia trip.  One day I’ll get two.

September 21, 2009-173-Acadia-2

We went to a restaurant after the trip where a small Asian child repeated pushed out a window screen and nearly hurled himself from a second story window.  Their entrees sucked but their peripheral items like desserts and sides were exceptional.  We had earlier pondered shaving a corner off of our man-cards and sleeping in a motel for the evening but manned up and bought sleep drugs instead.  They didn’t work and my final night at Acadia was spent uncomfortably.