Acadia Day 5: The Voyage Home

Dawn came early, and we refused to rise with it, making our exit around 9:30 AM after giving the park rangers the gift that keeps on giving: a leaky propane cylinder.  We took turns driving and Joe didn’t enjoy me as his navigator.

September 22, 2009-203-Acadia

We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts manned entirely by white people which included a spastic woman who listed all the allergens in my donut and got impatient with the register receipt dispenser.

We landed at 4 PM, ate dinner and decided to drive to University of Vermont to visit Matt Grob.  I have no idea why.  We visited Matt Grob and watch his friend’s room mate attempt to rocketjump before landing after jumping off a building in GTA 4.  We watched that for a solid hour.  We ate at Denny’s drove home and arrived at Pat’s house again at 1:00 AM… and decided to drive straight home.

Joe and I started on our way and I selected “HOME” as our destination.  I got suspicious of the GPS once we hit New York and it started taking us west.  I checked the future directions and the GPS apparently thought “HOME” was located hours west of me somewhere beyond Harrisburg rather than SE PA.  We put in Joe’s address which had us return east and shaved 90 minutes off of our drive, three and a half hours if you include the time we saved after overcoming the sense of whiskey-tango-foxtrot after theoretically “arriving” near Harrisburg.  I got drowsy around five AM but powered through by yelling about what I thought was wrong with Scouting, it was surprisingly effective.

Dawn came, we arrived at home, and I hit the sack like a midget boxer.  All in all the trip cost only about $250 for five days of stuff.  One day I’ll make it to the mythical “Canada” and may even remember to bring my passport.  Perchance to dream.