One-Upsmanship at Woodbadge

Each day, the group in charge of providing songs and such for the day would receive a set of large wood beads to be taken with them everywhere.  At the end of their tenure, the group would return the beads with some sort of modification.  The group before my group served attached a “weather” rock to the beads in the name of functionality, easily increasing the mass of the thing by a factor of 10.  I decided to one up them.  When we were asked to return the beads and explain our adornment, I drove a tent spike I’d attached to the beads into the ground and announced that to further enhance the functionality the piece I’d attached the field to it.  The bead owner accepted my adornment and instructed the next group to receive the beads to visit the field once every 15 minutes to make sure it didn’t get lonely.