iPhones Bringing People Together

Kyle got an iPhone and with it the Internet. I’m not sure how we got on the topic but we wanted to see what nation had the highest surface area of water. After tooling around with the Vatican and Uganda we started just hitting Wikipedia and checking nations. We spent a solid 30 minutes doing so. Netherlands was high with around 20% but my educated guess paid off…. kind of. Greenland is essentially a mini-nation being raped by a glacier but it’s still part of Denmark but autonomous. Greenland hits 80% but Denmark on has 1.6%. Seems like someone’s trying to disown a colony that fed itself for a day by killing two whales. I think there’s something rotten in… well, you know.

Once again, we spent 30 minutes in a restaurant checking the percentage of each nation covered in water… I later brought this factoid up to Joe Naylor who identified the Netherlands as being at the top immediately. He earned his GIS degree the old fashioned way.