Note Wars

Once every few months I have to defrost the ice machine at work as someone has invariably left the door open turning the storage chamber into a frostblock.  I unplugged the ice machine, opened the door, put a catch tray under the machine and placed a sign on the door saying “Ice machine defrosting – please leave door open.  Thank you”.  I came back to recheck the machine an hour later and the door was closed and my message still present.  I reopened the door and checked back a few hours later and the door was again closed.  This time, my note had a note on top of it “To who ever leaves the door open, please close it”.

Really?  You physically put your note on top of my note declaring the opposite of it?  My first response was to overnote their note but realized this would simply cause a note arms race but I steeled myself: instead, I placed a shim in the door preventing it from closing.  Anyone too dumb to read a sign probably couldn’t master the usage of the opposable thumb sufficiently to dislodge the plastic tab I used to prop the door open.