Microsoft: Speedbooster

My little hack arrangement of Filezilla, FlingFTP, the WAMP stack and AbiWord for documentation hummed along smoothly for the first part of the day, gleefully grabbing files, moving them to a new location, uploading them to a server and then retrieving them on the other side of our corporate firewall until it all suddenly stopped in the afternoon.  We had n f*#$ing clue why.

We contacted the remote worker and tried to replicate the situation in the lab running a nearly identical rig and we experienced a similar crash when opening a program, so we fired up task manager and eyed the CPU usage as we opened various programs.  We started at about 80% and opened Outlook, when it dropped to 76%.  We opened Excel, it dropped to 72%… Finally we opened Word and it leveled off at 70%.  WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT.  The only way we were able to kill it?  By opening Powerpoint while running something in Microsoft Search 4.0 WHILE running Prime95 and searching for Mersenne primes, a phenomenon the remote worker probably wasn’t enacting.  Next I’ll find that Chrome is just Internet Explorer with a different theme and browser.bugs.enable set to “0”.