Peekaboo Troubleshooting

Me: Hi, I’m having a problem with the CAD worker agent not starting properly.
Tech Agent: Ok, please open the console to the CAD worker console. Please hit the “start all” button and you should be done.
Me: I did.  The program immediately shuts off.
Tech Agent: Ok, please hit the “start all” button again.
Me: Done.  The program has immediately shut off.
Tech Agent: Ok, please hit the “start all button” again.
Me: It’s shut off again.  If you tell me to hit the “start all” button again I will scream.  Don’t you think the fact that the first three tries didn’t work suggests something else is wrong?
Tech Agent: Sometimes it takes a try or two before the program figures out what’s going on.
Me: Understood, are you the only technician for CAD worker support?
Tech Agent: No, I work in a group of five.
Me: Thank you, it worked magically.

I think I got the guy who thinks that jamming the elevator door button repeatedly makes it go faster or who patiently presses the crosswalk light for five minutes.  If I wait about five minutes, he’ll probably have another call so I’ll get one of his coworkers.  If that doesn’t work I’m use a British Accent and use the name of a coworker.