Glasses Subscription Bungle

Every year I purchase two pairs of sunglasses from Campmor and lose one every six months like clockwork.  I suppose I don’t buy as much as rent or lease them.  I received my two new pairs to replace the 2nd member of my last pair and tried them out.  I’ve never worn an accessory that makes me look like more of an absolute douche.  But they do an exceptional job blocking out the sun, I mean, I think they may improve my vision.  But I look like a total douche, so douchy Joe’s first response on seeing them was “sweet shades, Bra”.  There’s a plainer pair that’s 10 dollars more costing me about $30 to purge myself of the douchiness incurred by the glasses.  I was thinking of burning them but I think they trap the demon-god that douches with hot girl friends sell their souls to in exchange for hot girlfriends.

Anyone have a bottomless pit or planning on pouring a concrete foundation soon?