I Can Make the Pain Stop…

I’ve been emailing a programmer back and forth regarding making a web page built into a processing program we use.  I considered the task foolish as web pages aren’t often designed with printing in mind and each browser renders tricky javascript and css differently.  He came up with a solution for Firefox, he came up with a solution for Chrome, but my boss told me it had to work with IE 6.  The programmer tried three or four fixes each of which failed due to IE6’s inadequacies and sensing his frustration I asked if I could call him.

Me: Hi, this is the fellow you’ve been working with regarding making pages printable in IE6.   Do you want to be done with this?
Him: Very much so.  I think this is a lost cause.  The setup was designed for neither IE6 nor printing and the number of changes required would number in the hundreds.
Me: Ok, the next email I send to you with a question simply reply “Sir, what you ask for can’t be done.  Please upgrade your install.” Got it?
Him: Yes.
Me: It’s be a pleasure working with you.
Him: Happy Holidays.

I wonder if one can be fired for colluding with tech support.