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Joe and I have been carpooling which costs about 30 minutes but saves gas and I get to carpool with my BFF Joe!  He drove this week and furnished his own iPod and with blinding speed I mocked him for his choice of playlist names:

Me: Play It Loud! really?  Did someone break into your iPod and rename your lists such that upon discovery by another you’d be mistaken for a homosexual?
Him: No, that’s music I like to play loudly.
Me: Descriptive I suppose, why didn’t you pick something even better like Pump Up the Jams or Workout Tunez?  I like how you took the time to add the exclamation mark so everyone knows your intended play volume.

–Next Day–

Me: Wow, you renamed all your playlists to “Generic Playlist #”?
Him: Yes.  Yes, I did.
Me: Well, I’d like to listen to 25 or 6 to 4, it’s on Play It Loud!
Him: Umm… I think you mean Generic Playlist #3

Touche, Mr. Naylor.  I wonder if there’s a group I can insult so mercilessly that he’ll have a vast expanse of “Track by Artist from Album”.