Fighting Fail with Fail

The mapping competition my TF2 team is rebooting has involved a lot more community involvement this time around.  I was looking for partners and got the creators of  PropHunt, a mod I quite fancy, to get on board as PropHunt is the theme.  This plugin changes the functionality of the game in some interesting ways.  I was somewhat impressed when I found that the creators of the mod were 14 and 16 (sure, they’re programming beyond their age, but I was lighting my house on fire at a collegiate level around that age.)  The savantism of the creators came into sharp focus when I asked them about the next revision to the plugin:

Me: So when’s the next iteration of the plugin due out?
Him: I don’t know.  The last few changes I wanted to make have been very time consuming.
Me: Are you familiar with Cargill’s law?  The first 90% of the project takes 90% of the time, the last 10% takes the remaining 90% of the time.
Him: Makes sense, so what happens to the other 1%?

The children are our future; unless we stop them now.