Reverse Infection

I got a computer virus today… from work.   I’m somewhat confident it wasn’t the other way around as my home computer recognized the infected autoexec.inf file on my thumb drive immediately and the worm it contained.  I did some checking and the infection is spread via thumb drives which probably came to me via the technician that performed a setup operation on a computer attached to a device to which I move files with a thumb drive.   That computer doesn’t even have web access, so I’m confident the technician had it on his drive which he picked up from someone whose browser window probably includes eight toolbars, the original install of AIM and a Bonzai Buddy.

I find it strangely satisfying that our expensive McAfee license was circumvented in that the virus was being spread by a computer technician who will then have to repeat his circuit to remove the damage he’s wrought.  There’s really no risk to the machines as the worm simply initiates a DDOS after contacting an IRC channel which isn’t accessible through works firewalls.  So in my head I have a picture of every computer at work knocking on the work firewall going “I can has payload?” and the router going “No 1 hear, go hoam” which probably slows web access.  A coworker recently said that there was no way the tech folks could slow web access anymore.  Looks like they’ve outdone themselves.