The Dark Side of Brownie Experimentation

The “smash brownie” phase has drawn to an end where I’d take one foodstuff and shove it onto a brownie.  This included:

  • Crackerjack brownies
  • Butterfingers brownies
  • Granola brownies
  • Cookie brownies

I tried to make s’more brownies today which consisted of brownies covered in chocolate covered in marshmallows covered in graham crackers.  The idea seemed reasonable and I took the brownie out at the 2/3 way point to add the marshmallows and graham crackers.   I tried a piece when all was done and I’m glad I use Eggbeaters which aren’t subject to salmonella.  The top parts were perfect, though, so I thought I’d just pop it back in for 15 minutes or so and finish the bottom.  No dice.  I was afraid of overcooking the marshmallows so I decided to try to finish the brownie portion on the oven top.  The pile eventually finished such that the brownie came out like fudge cream but the marshmallows could remove bridgework.  A coworker described it as one of the tastiest choking hazards he’d ever had and another said it was a reminder that he’d need to visit his dentist.