Rediscovering Snow

The cat has a nonchalant  attitude towards snow.  He recognizes that it’s cold and to be avoided but seems to use his tail as a periscope in the deep stuff.  My dog on the other hand treats the stuff as would the caveman materials scientist.  He will pee in it and marvel as how he can carve a path through it.  It’s the only time I’ve seen a dog watch itself pee.  He seems to realize snows lightness but hops from place to place not like a kangaroo but like a blind person on a pogo stick.  There are divets separated by gaps which form canine crop circles whirling across the yard near his favorite bark-at-nothing-in-particular spot.  Most impressive is how he periodically stares at the snowscape, becomes one with the Matrix essence of it and lunges for something at the level of the actual ground.  This process repeats itself maybe ten times and then he moves on to whirling dervish mode before resuming his nasal spearfishing.   Most impressively, he’s learned to wait on the walk mat to have the snow removed.  If only he could repeat this trick when covered in water, mud, kitty litter, or groundhog fur.