Strange Rebate

I purchased something from MSI a year ago and tried to cash the expired check.  The teller told me I couldn’t but that MSI had to issue a new check if I requested it.  I wrote to MSI with a self-addressed stamped envelope requesting a replacement check fully expecting no response.  Today I received my envelope back and it contained… confusion.  The original item I bought was a MSI motherboard with a 20 dollar MIR.  What I received back was a invoice for a Tony Stark that lives in Yuma, Wa.  The invoice was for $499.99 equipment replacement plan for a laptop.  I can’t think of any laptop MSI sells that could have a 500 dollar replacement plan except if it came with a small Asian man to port it about and buff it.  I could have received a Sanskrit page of the Satanic Verses, a WWII love letter from a Dutch POW or a Spoon-of-the-Month club calendar and I still don’t think I would have been as confused.

I hope this turns into something neat like the Drew Vandendries mystery.