Lenovo De Novo

My mother purchased a new computer and having setup a pile of new computers I laid down some ground rules to do the setup:

  1. She’d need to put all her documents in one folder.
  2. She’d need to state ahead of time if there were any odd applications to move.
  3. She’d need to provide dinner as it’d take an hour to remove crapware and install Office.

I unboxed the new PC after moving her My Documents folder to a thumb drive, and my mother popped a pizza in the oven.  I connected the new computer and booted, went through the initial setup and arrived at the desktop… which was pristine.  I occupied myself by removing the Lenovo backup agent and installed Office but was otherwise done in 10 minutes or so.  With the expectation that I’d be there for another hour I needed to do something that generated some computery noises so in installed Snood and reminded myself of how uncoordinated I’ve become.  Between that and Spider Solitaire I killed enough time to justify the Red Baron pepperoni followed by victory cocktail weenies wrapped in croissant roles.  My mother’s very happy with the speed and moreso with the fact that power button is on top.

If these are the benefits of IBM’s PC division being in Chinese hands, I really hope Dell and Westinghouse go overseas soon.