More Close-Up Crap

January 20, 2010-39-Macro

It may look like a piece of foam board but that’s a gem mint Zendikar card pulled from the pack.  I received a macro adapter that’s lens-mount on one side and threaded on the other so I don’t have to man-hand my arrangement.  That’s with a reverse mount 30mm lens at f/16.  The wider the lens the more powerful the macro effect so as the focal distance increases the objects focus further away.  Also:

January 20, 2010-54-Macro

I thought that the bottom was grainy until I zoomed in and saw that it was actually the reflection off of the gorilla pod I was using as a stand for the camera.  I tightened up my light stand, got a light table that someone was throwing out and used it to help even out the illumination.  I still think a mirror may be a better base, I need to try.

The other photos in the set showcase the changes in Magic’s printing pattern.  It’s interesting to see that there are actual areas of true whtle compared to the speckled white of most white cards.  Below the face from A-6th edition Wrath of God.

January 20, 2010-43-Macro

I tried slapping a zoom lens in reverse mount for more control but the zoom effect was much less as one picks a longer lens.  For instance below is a pen at 250mm.

January 23, 2010-6-macro

Much less imposing but with a depth of field thicker than a pubic hair.

Next gratuitous shot type: Coin

January 23, 2010-26-macro

Rest of stuff:

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