More Dispatches from the Coffee Underground

My flavored coffee servings arrived and I was bathed in boxes of Caramel French Vanilla, Winter Mountain Blueberry, and Fairtrade Dark Roasted Hazelnut and took my fare share of jokes for it.  Most people thought I didn’t drink coffee, I don’t as I’m hesitant to put “Dutch Mochachino” in the coffee category.  The calibration guys where in and they’re usually somewhat rough around the edges guy.  One walked by my desk and picked up a “Dutch Chocolate” cup when I interrupted him:

Me: Yes, I actually drink it.
Him: Hm… I always considered you a Swiss Raspberry person.
Me: Dirka?
Him: Yeah, Gloria Jeans makes some wonderful small batch flavored coffees this time of year.

I came back to my desk after lunch and he wrote the sites of two discount coffee vendors that’ll give you a discount if you’re a “business”.  These coffee people are everywhere, I wonder if I can shave another 10% off the price if I learn their secret handshake.