Those Who Don't Learn from History…

I was speaking with the OSR Program Director about some preparations for the upcoming program year.  I was following along until he said the following “oh, and I added a folder to the Network Drive that has all the stuff I use in it, everything was scattered all over the place”.  My heart jumped to a level of activity such that I lost my sense of hearing.  The network drive at camp as it currently stands represents three years of collaborative work among at least five people.  When I and two others arrived in the office, each person had a little fief on the drive and all the documents they used went in there.  So, it was perfectly possible to have three or four copies of a single file in multiple places being revised individually.  Additionally, works in progress were stored locally so nothing existed for public consumption until it was done.  The pinnacle of this idiocy was the following document tree contained on a specific computer:

User Name –> Desktop –> User Name –> Documents –> User Name and Year –> Documents (containing a shortcut to the desktop) –> Camp Stuff

This was barely outdone by another person who simply saved everything in a folder as sequentially named “document1.doc” “document2.doc”, etc.

Warring factions fighting over revisions, duplicitously recreated text generated long-hand from PDF output.  How do I present to him the fact that this choice leads to damnation and ruin?