Walking, with my Feet

Barefoot running seems to be all the rage, so I figured I’d give it a try in my obese turbo-wobble kind of way.  The advantage of a treadmill is not having to deal with glass shards and such so I went off at a steady pace sans shoes.  The first thing one realizes is how much traditional walking beats the shit out of one’s heels. So, I tried walking with my toes first which made me look like a fat drunken ninja or a recently sodomized duck.  It’s tough, but you get the hang of it eventually and I only looked like someone who’d recently stepped off a horse while wearing swim fins.  With some practice, I imagine I could vastly improve my capacity for stealth walking given appropriate foot gear.

All in all, I covered my standard two miles and I can already feel the balls of my feet thickening.  If I keep this up for a month, I think I’ll be able to stop bullets.