An Accounting of Parts

A local school received what I can only call a trove of glassware.  Reaction vessels, Erlenmeyer flasks, bubblers (which are profoundly expensive), and 40 pounds of filter paper would be the route to a fat rebate check when doing my 2009 taxes.  A month into 2010 I’ve received nothing so I contacted the liaison:

Me: Hey, can I get a tax letter?
Her: Sure, I’ll ask again.
Me: Would it help if I provided a list of what I gave them?
Her: Yes

Good job, Terry.  I have almost no idea what I gave her except from what the previous group I gave to didn’t use.  Idea!

–Call #2–
Me: Hey,  do you remember if you took all 12 50ml volumetric flasks?
Him: Yeah, I think so.
Me: How about the 200ml graduated cylinders?
Him:  I don’t know.
Me: How about…
Him: Are you going to ask me about everything you gave us?
Me: Maybe…
Him: I’m going to bed.

Damn, I’ll need to find another way to fabricate documentation for my tax return.  To the Fisher Scientific catalog!