Canceling the Klondike

I understand the utter irony of canceling a Klondike Derby due to inclement weather.  This arctic-themed event seems like it would be greatly enhanced by the 17 inches of snow received but as I was placing emails and calls about the event, I found that unit leaders were under one or more of the following impressions:

  • Kids arrive via teleportation, without having to traverse unplowed roads.
  • All parents will deliver their children as signed-up for the good of the sled and ignore the motherly instinct to protect.
  • Every sled is delivered by a 4×4 Land Rover.
  • All activities that depend on access to the ground can occur on top of a foot of snow and will require no clearing.
  • The facilities at Tyler State Park are all heated meaning that the pavilion, bathrooms, and parking areas would require no snow removal to make usable.
  • An emergency rescue team lives in the campfire area, available to pluck from the river children who didn’t realize the bridge was 10 feet behind them.

Now I have another week to kill before I begin my last minute preparations.  I love Scouting.