Accidental Preparedness

My uninterruptible power supply (UPS) starting going on the fritz today giving constant overload errors and showing no remaining battery capacity.  This device was purchased during a brief window of unemployment in 2006 when on one desperate day I submitted the warranty card for every device I owned.  To kill another day, I created hanging file folders with user manuals and purchasing information as well and today that work shone through when I contacted the UPS manufacturer:

Customer Service Agent:  I’m sorry to hear that your device isn’t functioning properly.  It’s out of warranty but I can offer you a deal on a trade-in (yes UPS manufacturers offer trade-ins).
Me:  Thank you, but as part of my warranty card registration, I receive an extra year of service which makes it covered.
Customer Service Agent:  Yes, but that doesn’t cover the battery end of life.
Me: As part of the  Newsletter I got when I registered, the code “FO1” indicates it a UPS issue and not a battery issue.
Customer Service Agent:  That is correct, what’s the warranty code?
Me: *provided*
Customer Service Agent: It appears you purchased this at a store, do you have the original receipt?
Me: Yes, yes I do.
Customer Service Agent: That model is no longer manufactured, the closest is our 1350VA model which I’ll send to you shortly.
Me: Ma’am, I think you’ve made an error.  Per your own warranty terms I’m entitled to a comparable replacement, which would be the 1500VA model.  I’m not responsible for price changes.

The benefits of acting like a septuagenarian strike again!  I’m somewhat screwed on every other appliance I own as I’ve performed nowhere near this level of documentation but today, I won.