Sources of Variance

The results of the first test under the fake colon waste method didn’t come out as expected so I met with the requester to figure out what the cause was.

Him: There were two sources of error, first, I think you applied the product incorrectly.
Me: Really?  I’ve done it this way for every previous running of the test.
Him: The method says use a round base rather than a square base that you used.
Me: But you said that was fine.
Him: Well, it wasn’t, do it again with round bases.
Me: You said there were two sources, what was the other?
Him: The recipe I gave you was off for a couple ingredients.
Me: How off?
Him: Somewhere between a factor of nine and a factor of 11.
Me: So, the recipe you gave me was off by an order of magnitude but you still think it was the shape of the base?
Him: Yeah, pretty sure.