Camera Competence Ruse

I’m waiting for someone to buy my Rebel XSi so it’s been sitting on my desk at work and some people have asked to use it but decided not to when I told them it was a DSLR.  Today, someone asked to borrow it who swore up and down he was quite skilled with a DSLR.  When I got it back, the veil of his untruth was thin: The camera was set to “Auto” instead of Aperture Priority, the output format was changed to “JPG” from RAW, the on-camera flash was up and, most damning, the ISO was set to “800”; a region untread, like the area of my car’s tachometer above 4k RPM.  If this is his definition of “being skilled” I’d hate to see him “be skilled” with a nail-gun, microwave, or a manual transmission.

I passed his desk later that day and he thanked me for letting him use my camera.  It was not a chair he sat upon but a throne of lies.