St. Patty’s Day Attire

I made the error of saying I’d have an experiment done before the next day, forgetting that the process took six hours… and I’d have to run it twice, so I didn’t go home Tuesday night.  The experiment involves testing materials against a battery of dyed mock digestive fluids.  At about 2 AM I finished the experiments and was disposing of the excess in a large pressure-sealed drum and saw the added material start to foam.  I later went to add more and at the first touch of the lid-lift mechanism, the stored contents blew through the narrow opening and shot a streak of foam composed of green food coloring and fake digestive juices across the front of my lab coat.   I was baffled as how the contents could have possibly done this but everything turned out ok.  My clothing beneath the lab coat was untouched and I now had a green article of clothing for the holiday.