Your Approval Has Been Pre-Approved

I had waded through a morass of odd paperwork regarding patch application and sought the originator of the byzantine crap to finish it off once and for all, this ensued:

Me: Why was my script not approved?
Him: Your failure was in not getting a pre-approval signature.
Me: Wouldn’t pre-approval mean I was already allowed to do it?  I needed an approval signature.
Him: No, it’s pre-approval because it occurred before hand.  Approval would be while I’m actually doing it.
Me: How can you approve something while I’m doing it?  If you want, you can sit down with me as I do the work and countersign as I go.
Him: No, that would be far too wasteful.
Me: Ok, then what?
Him: Then you need a signature once your done to verify that you’re done as well as one stating you’ve completed it correctly.
Me: Two signatures, verification, that’s one; what’s the other one?
Him: Post-approval.
Me: *Silence*
Him: Ok, anything el-
Me: Sir, you or your department should be dragged before the MLA for crimes against English.  Good day.