A Fitting Last Day

A coworker’s wife received a call regarding several thousand dollars being sent to her from an American ex-pat in China that would be hers if she’d pay the escrow fees so he could sneak the rest of his fortune out of the middle kingdom; a standard Nigerian 419 scam.  She was unsure of what to do so she transferred the call to her husband who immediately recognized what was going on and transferred the call to a coworker that has a certain way with telemarketers.  By the time he was done:

  • The caller had spent 45 minutes on the phone, of which 20 were while the coworker went to the bathroom and got some coffee.
  • The caller promised to cover the medical bills for his wife’s car accident (which happened) and his daughter’s nose job (which didn’t).
  • The caller agreed to send the details of the transaction to “ima.crook@fbi.gov”.