Confounded Loop

I filed for unemployment insurance payments today and registered as “anticipating re-employment” which allowed me dodge state-imposed courses on how to complete a resume, how to act during an interview and other pedestrian matters.  I received a note later informing me that I had to attend “re-employment training”, which if I failed to complete I’d be out four weeks of benefits.  The date?  May 20th, when I’ll probably be in Tucson.  I called to reschedule and was quickly confounded by the question of “why aren’t you available?  You’ll be in the area searching for work, right?” damn it.

Salvation: I was asked to do a Scout auction that weekend.  The organization head offered me enough frequent flier miles to fly me back.  Hazaa!  So, my trip will now go:

  • Drive clockwise about the country to Tucson, AZ
  • Fly to Philly
  • Fly back
  • Continue driving clockwise about the country to Edison, NJ