Ricketts Glen, Day 2

The Falls trail is less than 3 miles from start to finish but there’s a good bit of up and down to it in that it’s, you know, along a set of falls.   It took us about 80 minutes to make it down.  We reached the bottom and to save time took a short path back up.  I estimated it’d take us 60% longer to go up, it took us 25% less.  I guess I took more time than I thought taking pictures.

April 04, 2010-289-RickettsGlenWeekendAnd2more Generic single-layer falls

April 04, 2010-401-RickettsGlenWeekendAnd2more
Generic multi-level falls

April 04, 2010-310-RickettsGlenWeekendAnd2more Ganoga Falls’ 97′ drop.  Twas purdy.

One of Pat’s many prosaic comments was “that [the river] did this [the gorge].”  To think, there’s a goodly portion think the below was done during the Deluge.

April 04, 2010-265-RickettsGlenWeekendAnd2more Pat conjectured that it was the Civilian Conservation Corps that did the work, Wikipedia said that was close.  There was a CCC camp setup there as the area was to be turned into a national park.  The outbreak of WWII stopped that and the trails were repaired when the site was bought by the state.  Wonderful work they did, but some of the signs could seem confusing.

April 04, 2010-247-RickettsGlenWeekend