Progress of Criticism

I’ve done the OSR Leader Guide for the last five years and each year the criticism grows subtler and more ridiculous:

2006: Please add text.  Pictures of the master schedule and of Scouts doing activities are nice but actual text would take a lot of the guess work out. (Fake)
2007: Please drop the frames.  It makes navigation difficult sometimes and hard to send people links.
2008: Please make the master schedule clickable, so someone can click on a department and go straight to that department’s schedule.
2009: Please add option for on-the-fly printing of each page. The printable versions aren’t always updated.
2010: Please replace all sans serif fonts with serif fonts to make viewing easier in the printed version.

I can’t think of another case where someone was so willing to inconvenience everyone else and harm their viewing experience so he could improve his printing experience.  People like this should replace magicians as the inhabitants of the 7th bolgia of Dante’s Inferno.