Personal Growth Through Indignation

I finished reposting my pictures that formerly graced my cube walls on the second floor of my house and the burst of color has solicited positive responses.  The guest of one of my housemates issued the deadliest compliment I’ve ever received with “your camera takes good pictures”.  I’ve received this comment twice before and to the first my response was “yes it does” and to the second my response was “I’d like to think I sometimes get lucky”.  This time, I had a twinge of indignation.   In all likelihood the comment is probably accurate.  Had the commenter stood where I stood with the equipment I had he or she probably would have gotten a nearly identical frame.  I consider the level of personal indignation to be me appraising how good I think I am (not to say that’s accurate).  I expect to receive this comment many more times and am going to make a reasonable effort to track my personal response.  Alternatively, the incidence of the comment may decrease for one of two reasons: I’ve gotten good enough that people will willingly attribute success to me, or I’ve gotten so bad that “good picture” won’t be applied to anything I do.